Rubber Sheet

Qingdao Huaxia Rubber Industry Co.,Ltd takes the advantage of the leading technical center, developed various kinds of rubber mat products, adopt high quality recycled rubber material, HUAXIA rubber mats/flooring have proven to be the most durable, economical, environment-friendly products. Take through unique rubber recipe, removing the harmful chemical of the rubber, to ensure the product no poison, no scent and no pollution. 
Non-slip top finish improves traction and reduces animal injury ;
Professional design make sure mat soft and comfortable ;
Dura Easy installation and cleaning ;
Durable and long lasting with little maintenance ;
Dimensions:1230/1280 x 1800 (mm), 1200 x1800 (mm);
Available in straight edge as well as interlocking. 
Rubber mat 

Rubber Flooring


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