Advanced production equipment can produce the maximum filter belt width up to 7.2M in one single piece Can provide open or endless belt according to the customer's requirement.
Standard Compounds: NR,SBR,SBR Heat Resistant, EPDM
Belt Thickness:25MM-50MM 
Can design the Fabric Free Zone according to Customer requirement

1.Filter-Belt of Acid and Alkali Resistance 
This kind of filter belt is applicable for different working conditions which contacting with acid and alkali, such as phosphate fertilizer, alumina, catalyst (4A fluor), and so on.
2.Filter-Belt of Heat Resistance
This kind of filter belt is mainly used in filtering high temperature materials, 80℃<temperature<180℃. The cover rubber adopts EPDM or SBR, and the carcass adopts high strength polyester canvas.
3.Filter-belt of Oli Resistance
This kind of filter-belt is applicable for filtering various kind of oil materials. The cover rubber adopts butadiene rubber (rich in acrylonitrile ), and the carcass of the belt adopts high strength polyester canvas.
4.Filter-Belt of Cold Resistance
This kind of filter belt is applicable for the working conditions which the temperature between -40℃ and +70℃. The carcass of the belts adopts high strength polyester canvas, and the cover rubber adopts crude rubber and cis-polybutadiene rubber.


Greneralized Section of Filter-belt Groove

The filter belt can filter, wash,sord, filtration fabric rebirth continuously, and have the advantages of high filtration rate, high production capability, good washing effect, low washiness of filter cake and so on while operating easily.

Our filter belt is applicable for solid-liquid separation in such industries such as petroleum,chemistry, medicine,dyes, foodstuff, metallurgy, mine extraction and electricity power generation. It can also be used in the treatment of industry and civilian waste water such as dehydration of phosphoric acid, kali, potassium sulfate, alumina, citric acid and bariumsulfate, as well as desulfurization in power stations.
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