Rubber dam is a new type water resources management building with the development of macromolecule material. It's made of synthetic ageing-resistant and ozone-resistant rubber and high strength fabric which forms the rubber bag fixed on the groundwork. Rubber dam inflated by air or water could be used for water retention to meet the Industrial, agricultural and daily water requirement. Rubber dam is widely used in agricultural irrigation, electricity generating, reservoir capacity enlargement, flood-prevention, urban environment beautifying and so on.

The advantages are as follows:

1. Short construction period(1 to 15 days' installation time, 1 to 5 months final construction time)
2. Lower construction cost: saving 30% to 70% cement, steel and wood comparing to concrete dam. 
3. Longer lifespan:(15 to 30 years) easy operation, good shock resistant, lower maintenance costs. 

Advantages of the Bookend Rubber Dam

1. Reliable Inflation/Deflation
The bookend rubber dam uses the self-inflation/deflation system. The advanced self adjustment system will control the height and air pressure of the rubber dam, through the signal of the liquid level sensor and pressure sensor. All the rubber dam projects are complete automation, and can be easily managed.
2. High Resistance to Sedimentation
For concrete dams with steel brake, downstream dirt and sediment can prevent the release of water. The flexible structure of the rubber dam virtually eliminates the influence of dirt and sediment through deflating air or water.
3. Longer Span
Longer rubber dam can be installed without piers. For concrete dam, reinforcement piers are generally needed every 15 to 30 meters.
4. Flat on Foundation and Resistance to Debris
The bookend structure provides lay-flat deflation which prevents damage from rolling stones or floating ice.
5. Bookend Reduces Oscillation 
when water flows over the fully inflated dam, the bookend structure virtually preventing any oscillation up to a 50% overflow. The bookend rubber dam was cut into grooves in the bookend area in the average distance, which forms up a waterfall when the water overflows.
6. Easy Installation and Secure Anchoring
The bookend rubber dam commonly apply single anchor system, saving the foundation construction and half the anchor plates, and need no bottom cushion sheet and level up cushion sheet , simplifying the installation, saving the installation time, improving the rubber dam airtight performance.

Rubber Dam Type
According to the difference of medium, the rubber dam can be classinfied into air inflated rubber dam and water filling rubber dam:

1.The Water filling rubber dam is more stable, when the dam was overflow on the top, small scour to catchment area.
2. Due to the inflatable is of much bigger compressibility, inflatable dam have notch phenomena when overflow on the dam top, current is centralize, there is strong scour to catchment area.
3. When in the freezing zone, there is no problem on inflatable dam medium; water filling rubber dam do not have this advantage.
4. Air inflated rubber dam asks for high demand on inflatable proof; water filling rubber dam asks for lower requirement on this aspect.
5. Air inflated rubber dam is lower than water filling rubber dam on projection in vestment. 

The character istic of incline dam and pillow dam
1.Incline damproduce andinstall conveniently, economize the material and can solve collapse problem of pillow dam.
2. In the process of installation, incline dam can achieve mechanization, economize labour resource. 
3. Under the same circs of dam bag material, incline dam is higher than pillow dam on satety facfor.





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