FlexCon HHE Stell Cord Belt(Light-weighting&energy saving high strength steel cord conveyor belt)
Lighter but Stronger   30%-40% Energy Saving

Development concept:saving material transportation of each KG
Design concept:
Through improve the mechanical structure distributiong of carcass, increase the belt strength;
Extend the belt service life by upgrade the abrasion resistant performance of cover rubber.

Reduce conveyor and infrastructure investment 30%40%
Reduce operation and maintenance cost 30%40%
Increase 30% capacity,single conveyor length 22KM
Reduce 50% splicing joints and cost,with max,roll length 2000m
Reduce min,curve radius,better flexibility performance
Belt Structure:Special steel cord array design enable the belt with excellent longitudinal flexibility,reduced pulley diameter and belt weight
Steel Cord Structure: Self-owmed steel cord design pate nt, realized high strength and lower but unit weight
Indentation Rolling Resistance: deforming reduced 56% compaing with ST belt, reslized lower rolliing resistance.
Splicing Performance:≥95%
Troughablity: coefficient 0.32, side roller trough angle≤70°,suitable for overland deep-V design and pipe conveyor.
Anti-piercing:ST3500’s steel cord pitch is 15mm;HHE ST3500’s steel cord pitch is reduced greatly, which formed overall module design and realized excellent anti-piercing and anti-tearing performance.

Material handling of coal, mining, port, metallurgy, power, chemical, tunnelling;

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