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Writer:huaxia rubberDate:2017-02-28


New Record, New World!

l The double shield TBM excavating 1411m per day, the third set a new record at home.

l Single conveyor length is 17KM only with two head drive pulley, create a new record in the world about single conveyor.

l Project continues, excavating never stops, record is constantly refreshed, aim to make the world longest single conveyor into 26 KM!


    Yellow Water Tunnel project, moisten the Shanxi Province.

    Freezing cold, but conveyor is still running.

    TBM head-up, guiding by Bureau 18th, CRCG.

    HHE belt as the heart of convey system, manufactured by Qingdao HUAXIA.

    HHE belt support Bureau 18th set the third new record as 1411 meter per day, excavating by the double shield TBM.

    HHE belt unit weight is lighter, but with high-strength.

    Reduced motor power from 2x400KW into 2x315 KW.

    Attached are photos in job site and performance certificate issued by Bureau 18th.

Figure-1: HHE belt is working.

Figure-2: HHE belt is still working well even its freezing cold.

Figure-3: Perormance certificate issued by Bureau 18th.


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