HHE Leading Belt Technology in Liujiaxia Water Tunnel



Compare to conventional ST belt, using HHE belt, your advantage are:

lSave electricity power more than 26%.

   Unit =KWH, average, 20 hour per day, 300 days per year.

lReduced conveyor investment more than 30%~40%.

   Unit= RMB:Yuan, including motor power, pulley, steel construction

lSave logistics cost more than 30%~40%.

   Unit=RMB: Yuan, transportation cost less 44%, stock cost less 26%

    Attached are photos of Liujiaxia water tunnel job site and HHE belt working photos.

Figure-1: HHE belt commissioning in Liujiaxia water tunnel, Lanzhou, Gansu, China

Figure-2: Cloaed HHE belt conveyor from tunnel.

Figure-3: Closed HHE belt conveyor inside view.

Figure-4: HHE conveyor belt storage facility, smaller storage drum pulley, with roll length 650m.

Figure-5:  28KM HHE belt inside tunnel view.

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