ST-HHE Speed up Coal Mining Revolution


      Currently, the whole coal industry is still in the transformation stage: upgrading equipment, going green environment protection, strengthening energy saving. To better help the whole coal industry break cocoon into butterfly, Huaxia Rubber independently researched and developed lighter type but high strength energy saving conveyor belt ST-HHE/S, and launched coal green environment protection conveying system.

ST-HHE/S technology and product application is a technology revolution in the conveying field of coal industry. Compared with traditional ST system,  ST-HHE/S system, under the premise of ensuring conveying capacity, service life, security and all technical requirements, reduced more than 30% equipment investment, reduced more than 30% operating maintenance cost, and saved more than 26% electric power average value.


To solve the problem of depth poor trough ability caused by big inclination angle in coal conveying system. Huaxia Rubber launched ST-HHE chevron conveying belt, which can well solved the above problems, meanwhile, saving energy and reducing consumption (Figure-1 & Table-1).

      Figure-1: Huaxia ST-HHE Chevron Conveyor Belt Service Field

Compare items

Original design

Upgrade design






Belt thickness



- 23%

Belt Weight

23.1 Ton

19.0 Ton


Trough ability





      Table-1: Data Comparison between ST and ST-HHE

Choosing ST-HHE series conveyor belts, not only saving energy and reducing consumption, investment and operation cost, but also conforming to province and city government's opinions and suggestions to coal industry.

 Wang Ruiwu

Party Secretary, Director of Shandong Coal Mine Safety Bureau  Wang Duan wu

Currently, Shandong coal mine safety foundation is still weak, especially influenced by coal market long-term downturn in a few years ago. In the most difficult, the percentage of losing enterprises is as high as 90%, and 10% of companies are just a little profit. Losses directly led to the serious shortage of safety production inputs. Some large-scale coal enterprise's safety production input is only about 20% of the original. In terms of safety facilities equipment, some coal mine exist serious problem, elimination is not eliminated, again using already eliminated equipment. In terms of security system operation, some coal mine for cost saving, production system overload, ultra ability run, mining operation without forming a formal drainage system; In terms of security system maintenance, monitoring system, personnel location monitoring system is useless; In terms of security system upgrade, falling behind of coal mine safety system, already can not meet the requirement of the safe production conditions.  

Zhang Jinming, the Inner Mongolia autonomous region people's congress representative -- speeding up green coal conversion

In 2017, Xilinhot City will speed up the implementation of the uhv delivery channels and supporting source construction, build high water-saving, environmental protection of thermal power cluster, achieve efficient and green transformation of coal resources, continue to expand the development of clean energy such as wind power and solar energy scale, further optimize the energy structure. At the same time, developing fly ash and industrial solid waste of comprehensive utilization industry. This is the new direction of coal enterprises transformation, should be accelerated.