Writer:Huaxia RubberDate:2016-11-17

    The success of the construction of a tunnel not only depends on the selection of the most suitable tunnelling machine, but also on the most efficient system to evacuate the spoil excavated by the TBM out of the tunnel. Disruption in the evacuation works very often leads to the TBM boring availability and subsequently, stoppage of the overall production of the project.

    The use of a Conveyor System has numerous advantages, especially when tunnels are long, slopes are steep or the space for unloading spoil is limited in the tunnel portal. Conveyor Systems have many benefits over evacuation by Muck Cars in terms of productivity, safety, operation and maintenance costs.

    Continuously Advancing Conveyor Systems can be side wall or crown mounted. The crown mounted type can be installed in tunnels as small as 3.0m in diameter. This unique design with special rubber belt allows the one system to traverse very sharp horizontal curves of 300 meters onl.

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