Our Purpose

Create World-class Rubber Industrial Base

Leading the technical revolution of the rubber belting

Management Concept

Huaxia Spirit

Rigorous, Realistic, Responsibility; Sincerely Cooperative Team Work

Aggressive Struggle Spirit; Pursue Excellence and Continuous Innovation

Selfless Devotion, Creditable Service

5 ‘W’ and 2 ‘H’

Begin our job with 5 ‘W’ and 2 ‘H’

5 ‘W’ means When, Where, Who, What and Why

2 ‘H’ means How and How much

6 ‘S’ Management

Seiri, Seiton, Seisd, Seikesu, Shitsuke, Security

Development Concept

1.Logo Explanation: The logo consist of 3 letters P, E and R which are the initials of People, Environment and Resource. The letter E and the right corner part of letter R made up Chinese Character ‘人’ that means the Human is the master of the world development.
2.The environment change will be influenced by multi-factor. Protecting the environment is the root of the human development. 3 letters present by the fluent moon curve. The same or similar part can be found which means the world is made up of the interactive, connected objects. Let us work together for the environment and resource protection to realize the mutual benefit.
3.The group of letter appears the running and inclining to the right. The foot bottom of each letter try to appear the surefooted and powerful visual effects that express the enterprises move forward rapidly, but each step is the foot on the land.